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May 16, 2016

Men’s Hair Trends for Summer 2016

A hairstyle can say a lot about a person. What does yours say about you? As summer rolls around, it’s time that men embrace a summer style all their own. Not sure which to go with? At Preston Hollow Village, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon brings the barbershop revival to the modern man by offering everything from the professional cut, to the manicured beard, to the extra edgy. Whether you're sporting some scruff or you're throwing it back to 1950, we've got a style for you.

The Old School 

Who are you? Your effortless style comes off as simplicity, yet there’s really a hidden depth that speaks volumes to your personality. This vintage-themed hairstyle is one for the man that enjoys the finer things in life, especially the classics—maybe it’s vinyl, maybe a barbershop straight shave. This modernized classic style works best with blue jeans, a white shirt, and bomber jacket that resembles the old-school vibe of James Dean.  

The Look: The James Dean / Brushed Up

Even with long hair, men can keep a tidied look that still comes off edgy. The harsh contrast of a close-shaved side buzz emphasizes the long hair on top. Although the hair is left a little longer, the sides stay trimmed very close to the face keeping it looking polished, yet stylish. Typically, the longer top hair will be blown up, or brushed up, giving it an effortless airiness.

The Rebel

Who are you? You’re not one to follow suit; rather, you prefer standing out with an intriguing edginess that others can’t seem to “pull off.” Maybe your music taste stems a little heavier or your eccentric, artistic nature defines your style. Either way, you prefer a hairstyle that mimics your personality. This aberrant and edgy style works best with a black shirt, suit & skinny tie, or jean jacket.

The Look: Angular Fringe

Inspired by the widely popular trend among male fashion models in 2014, the Angular Fringe is a re-emerging style that exudes a sense of unexpected edginess. With tapered sides and a long, swooping angle of fringe in the front and on top, this look quickly becomes a defining statement piece. Different length is key in this style to create choppy, layered bangs. The harsher angle of the bangs, the edgier the man. 

The Legend

Who are you? You’re traditional and well-trimmed, and you may have been mistaken for a celebrity once or twice. You wear your confidence as if it never goes out of style and find yourself always surrounded by a good time. Maybe you spend the summer playing volleyball at the pool or hitting some reps at the gym. Either way, you’re rocking the simple and short Ceasar haircut.

The Look: Caesar Haircut

Known as a popular buzz cut, this style has stood the test of time. Short in length and extremely easy to manage, the cut can be simply spiked before heading out for the day and hardly mangled by the end. Add a dab of styling gel to get it to sit perfectly in a matter of seconds. With little to no maintenance required, this set-it-and-forget-it style is perfect for the summer months. It’s powerful, charming, and manly—after all it is named after the one and only, Julius Caesar.

The Trendsetter

Who are you? You’re the first to dabble with a new fashion statement that your friends later pick up on, while also inventing your own from time to time. Being a trendsetter is hard work, but someone’s got to do it. That’s you; the stylish, adventurous, and modern one that never fails to be on the horizon of the next cool thing. And, your hairstyle is no different.

The Look: Hard-Part Undercut

Like the Brushed Up and Pompadour, the Hard-Part Undercut can belong to any style with a longer top and buzzed sides, but stands out with a shaved line on the scalp where the hair parts. This style screams edge and personality by just adding one intense line.  

The Look: Side Part Pompadour

Making a definite comeback, the Pompadour has been a historic fashion statement for many years with it’s versatility to work on long or short hair. This style generally has a long top with buzzed sides that emphasizes the high mound at the front of the head. Voluminous and lively, this look offers a strong, envied presence for those that can rock it.

To get any of these styles or try out something new, Eighteen Eight in PH Village offers a vintage barbershop environment for the modern man. Swing by and see what fits your personality or ask any of the master stylists for advice!

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